Newland Chase Webinar: Brazil’s New Migration Law

November 20, 2017

Does your global mobility program have what it takes to comply with Brazil’s new immigration law?

Today, most Global Mobility Managers and Global HR professionals are feeling apprehensive by the Migration Law of 2017, which will rewrite all aspects of immigration law and processes in Brazil.

Join us on 28 February @ 3:00 pm GMT to learn how these changes will impact both your foreign nationals currently in Brazil and those who will apply for visas in this year, as well as ensuring that your talent mobility policy is ready for Brazil’s most comprehensive pro-immigration legislation changes in over 30 years.

You Will Learn:

• Timeline of Migration Law Immigration Reform
• Reclassification of Existing Visa Categories
• Immigration Enforcement and Penalties for Non-Compliance
• Rights and Protections Afforded to Foreign Nationals
• Important Next Steps for Sponsoring Companies

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