Global Services

Finding the right immigration partner is critical to the success of every global business.

Newland Chase is that partner. We are an innovative global immigration company that delivers a comprehensive suite of strategic immigration services to corporations through our team of highly skilled professionals located around the world.

  • Newland Chase Global Tax Services

    Business visas are a key component of a globally mobile workforce. Business visas permit visitors to enter countries for non-work business activities – typically business meetings, seminars, conferences, trade shows, limited sales activities, contract negotiations, and some supervisory activities. However, business visas are not a substitute for work authorizations.

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  • Individual Immigration

    Along with serving the world’s largest multinational corporations, we also serve individuals – entrepreneurs, investors, performers, artists, scientists and researchers, academics, family members of our corporate clients, and others. Just like our largest corporate clients, our individual clients receive the same world-class services to and from more than 190 countries.

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  • Immigration Policy & Compliance

    Legal compliance is a top concern for every business. For companies operating on an international scale in multiple countries, compliance takes on an increased level of complexity. The key to consistent immigration compliance is having the right policies and processes in place and aligned to your unique business needs. In our role as your trusted business advisor, we offer an extensive suite of advisory services and compliance strategies.

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  • Corporate Immigration Services

    Newland Chase’s global coverage can support your immigration needs wherever in the world you do business.

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  • Right to Work & Workplace Audits

    It is an employer’s responsibility to verify that employees at their premises have the right to work there.  Workplace inspections are on the rise globally; employers are required to provide evidence of having reviewed, verified and maintained appropriate records.

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  • Posted Workers

    Complying with the various national rules and requirements arising from the European Union’s Posted Worker Directives can be a challenge for companies with employees temporarily working across the various EU member states. To address this need, Newland Chase has established an end-to-end program of service offerings to assist you in maintaining Posted Worker compliance.

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  • Entity Restructuring (M&A)

    Changes in your entity structure, including mergers, acquisitions, restructuring, name changes, and changes in locations will affect the work permission of your employees.  Action will be required both on a corporate level (to adjust necessary corporate registrations, sponsorship licenses and so on) and on an individual level (to amend work permits, visas, residence permits).

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  • Brexit

    From the early days of these unprecedented events, Newland Chase has been at the forefront of preparing companies and their employees in the UK and in the EU for the UK’s potential withdrawal from the European Union. Through direct client guidance, presentations to clients and industry organizations, online webinars, white papers, and weekly alerts, our immigration experts have supported our clients – with the latest information and actionable advice.

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  • Consulting & Advisory Services

    Immigration legislation changes every day.  Sometimes, these changes dominate global headlines and force companies to quickly adapt and take action.  Newland Chase is able to quickly pivot to provide guidance and strategic advice for our clients.  Examples of recent legislative change which has caused seismic ripples throughout the mobility industry include Brexit, Posted Workers and increased workforce compliance audits and inspections.

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  • Consolidated Visa & Immigration Management

    Newland Chase offers consolidated visa and immigration management – serving all your needs from business and other travel visas to temporary and permanent residence and long-term work authorization.

    By utilizing a single global partner that offers the full spectrum of services for all your global mobility needs, you will receive significant benefits over using separate service providers for travel and immigration services.

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