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UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: Process Changes in Abu Dhabi and Dubai Creative Clusters Authority

November 7, 2017

The Dubai Creative Clusters Authority (DCCA) free zone has removed the Internal Visa Transfer option for foreign employees transferring to a new employer within the DCCA. Employees in this situation now need to use the “Government Transfer” option, which requires a medical test (unlike the Internal Visa Transfer option). Meanwhile, in Abu Dhabi, the original […]

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UNITED ARAB EMIRATES / SWITZERLAND: Short-Stay Visa Waiver Agreement Signed

November 4, 2017

On 31st October 2017, Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) signed an agreement (a “Memorandum of Understanding”) on the short-stay visa waiver for holders of ordinary passports. As nationals of each country could already travel visa-free to the other, there are likely to be few if any noticeable changes as a result of the […]

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UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: Indian Nationals Under 14-Day Visa on Arrival May Not Change Status

November 4, 2017

Effective immediately, Indian nationals holding a 14-day visa on arrival, issued on the basis of a US visa valid for at least six months or Green Card, or of a valid UK or EU residence visa, cannot change status to another visa type, such as a tourist, business or employment visa, while in the UAE. […]

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UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: Abu Dhabi Dependent Residence Permit Requires Abu Dhabi Tenancy Contract

October 11, 2017

Effective immediately, foreign nationals employed in Abu Dhabi who wish to sponsor family members for initial or renewal dependent residence permits must submit a Tawtheeq (a residential lease registered in Abu Dhabi) in support of the application. Exceptions Employees who cannot submit a Tawtheeq because they live in another Emirate (such as Dubai) may appeal […]

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UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: Visa on Arrival Extended to More Indian Nationals

September 22, 2017

The Cabinet of the United Arab Emirates has approved the expansion of the visa on arrival program to Indian nationals who have a valid residence visa from either the United Kingdom or another European Union member state. The new policy has not yet been implemented. Background In May 2017, the UAE opened the visa-on-arrival program […]

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UNITED ARAB EMIRATES | Ministry of Health Implements New Medical Screening for Select Foreign Workers

October 12, 2011

The United Arab Emirates’ Ministry of Health (MOH) recently announced an October 1, 2011 implementation of a double check medical screening for select foreign nationals applying for work/residence permits. The screenings will occur in the applicant’s home country and in the UAE to reduce the incidence of infectious disease and to confirm the authenticity of […]

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July 21, 2022

The UK government has published its ‘New Plan for Immigration: Legal Migration and Border Control', “setting out the vision for [the UK’s] border and legal migration system of the future… to a stronger, more secure and prosperous Union”.

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SAUDI ARABIA: Expats Could be Charged Income Tax

August 3, 2016

As part of Saudi Arabia"s National Transformation Plan, it has been proposed that the country begin to charge income tax on the wages of foreign nationals. The tax-free status of Saudi Arabia and its neighbouring Gulf states has attracted millions…

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CANADA: UAE Citizens Visa-Free Starting June 5

May 31, 2018

Effective June 5, citizens of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) will no longer require a visa to enter Canada. UAE nationals will be granted entry with only a valid UAE passport and an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). The new visa waiver is applicable for business, tourism, and family visits.

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UAE: Practice of Putting Family Visas on Hold Ended

July 15, 2016

Immigration practice in the United Arab Emirates stipulates that migrant workers who switch employers in the UAE have to cancel their initial visas and apply for new ones, unless they are eligible for a visa transfer within free zones. Not…

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