PERU: Visa Waiver Introduced for Certain Indian Nationals

April 13, 2017

A new Decree (Supreme Decree N° 006-2017-RE), which came into effect on 26th March, waives the visa requirement for qualifying Indian nationals visiting Peru for business and tourism purposes.

Indian nationals will now be permitted to make multiple visits into Peru visa-free for one or more stays totalling up to 180 days per year, provided that they hold permanent residence or a visa valid for a minimum of six months, for the following countries:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • Any Schengen Area country

This same waiver scheme was extended to Chinese nationals in September of 2016 as part of Peru’s mission to strengthen its ties with Asia and encourage tourism from the continent.

Changes to Permissible Business Activities

As part of Decree No.1350, which we previously reported on in February, the list of permissible activities under the business visa is being expanded, most notably to include ‘short-term technical assistance’.

Previously, individuals planning to perform short-term technical activities in Peru had to apply for a temporary designated work visa. This will now no longer be necessary with these activities being permitted under the business visa; however, it will be decided by the Peruvian immigration inspectors whether each individual’s planned activities are permissible under the business visa at port of entry.

Individuals who fall under visa-free schemes, such as the above mentioned qualifying Indian and Chinese nationals, will be able to enter Peru visa-free to carry out these activities.

Further clarification is expected on the definitive list of permissible business activities, which we will report on in due course.

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