RUSSIA: New Address Registration Rules from September 2020

June 10, 2020

On 8 June, the Russian president signed a new law, effective 7 September, which introduces changes to the procedure of address registration of foreign nationals.

Foreign nationals as inviting parties

Foreign nationals who own residential property in Russia will have the right to register other foreign nationals, to whom they are providing accommodation.  Previously, only foreign national permanent residents and highly-qualified specialist work permit holders could register address on behalf of other foreign nationals.

Foreign nationals and legal entities situated abroad, but owning residential property in Russia and renting it to foreign nationals will no longer be obliged to register their tenants. They will be able to issue a notarized power of attorney authorising their representative  to register foreign nationals on their premises.

Online registration

Address registration applications will now also be accepted through the government internet portal “Gosuslugi”. Currently, address registration is only possible through the Post Office (only in case of initial address registration), through multi-functional government centers and in person through the Internal Affairs Ministry local immigration offices.

When foreign citizen apply through “Gosuslugi” for permanent address registration, the Internal Affairs Ministry local immigration office will be obliged to put the stamp into the temporary residence permit or permanent residence permit within one business day from submission of the original documents.


  • Address registration for properties owned by Russian or foreign citizens resident abroad or corporations registered abroad must be submitted strictly to the local immigration office of the Internal Affairs Ministry, with a notarized confirmation from the owner.
  • Address registration applications must be submitted within seven business days from the date the foreign national arrived at the property (except for certain categories of foreign nationals).
  • Participants in the government program for relocation of compatriots living abroad, as well as their family members (relocating with them), will not have to register for the first 30 days from arrival. After expiration of this period, they will be given another seven business days to file for address registration.

Our Advice

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