In today’s fast-paced business environment, employers are under pressure to address labor shortages and fill critical positions. The combination of low unemployment, geopolitical and environmental upheaval and an uncertain economic outlook has created challenges for businesses, making compliance with immigration and document management rules crucial.

Our Comprehensive Services

Employee Population Audits: Conducting thorough audits to ensure compliance with document management requirements

Benchmarking Against Best Practices: Comparing your processes with industry standards to identify areas for improvement

Detailed Findings and Actionable Recommendations: Providing comprehensive reports with clear recommendations for addressing compliance gaps

Training for Seamless Implementation: Offering training programs to help your team implement compliance measures effectively

With Newland Chase Advisory’s Discovery service, clients can confidently navigate regulations pertaining to document collection and retention GDPR, personnel file requirements and right-to-work documents. Our expert team stays ahead of regulatory changes, providing tailored advice to mitigate risks and streamline processes.

Ensure your business remains compliant and competitive with our tailored solutions.

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