SOUTH AFRICA: Changes to Submission Process for Indian Visas

June 10, 2016

The visa application submission process for South African nationals is changing for those wishing to obtain a visa in India.  Applicants previously had to submit their applications to an Indian Consular post but with immediate effect all applications should be made to the VFS instead.

South African consular posts in India are known for their strict requirements and have often asked for other documentation that is not prescribed by law. These changes may mean that there is an increase in submissions made to VFS.

There has also been discussion regarding the alteration of certain processes. Third parties may soon be unable to submit on behalf on the applicant and therefore only submissions made in person at a VFS office may be accepted.  Processing times may also see an increase with regards to these changes if they come into place.

We will keep you updated with any further developments, if you require any additional information please contact us at: [email protected].