SOUTH KOREA: Tuberculosis Test Required for Certain Long-Term Visa Applicants

March 22, 2016

Effective 2nd March 2016, certain applicants for long-term consular visas or post-arrival change of status or visa extension, who are nationals of eighteen “high TB-burden countries”, must submit a “Certificate of Health”, including a tuberculosis test result.

Who is Affected?

The new requirement affects nationals of the eighteen “high TB-burden countries” who are applying for either

  • a long-term visa (more than 90 days) at a South Korean diplomatic mission while resident in any of the same countries, or

  • a change of status or extension of stay post arrival in South Korea.

The countries affected are: Nepal, East Timor, Russia, Malaysia, Mongol, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Uzbekistan, India, Indonesia, China, Cambodia, Kyrgyzstan, Thailand, Pakistan, Philippines.


Diplomats, foreign government officials, international agreement status holders and children aged 5 years and under are exempt from providing this tuberculosis test result.

Consular Applications

For long-term visa applications at a South Korean diplomatic mission, nationals of “high TB-burden countries”, resident in any of those countries, must submit a certificate of health including a TB test result, valid for one year, issued by a hospital designated by the relevant Korean diplomatic mission.

The test must include the results of at least one of the following TB tests: chest X-ray, sputum test, tuberculin skin test, blood test or equivalent.

Long-term visas for South Korea include the E-7 for local hire, the D-7 for intra-company transfer, the D-8 for inter-company transfer, the D-9 (Treaty Trader) visa for service contracts and the F-3 visa for dependent family members of work visa holders.

Post Arrival Applications

For change of status or extension of stay applications post arrival in South Korea, nationals of “high TB-burden countries” must submit a certificate of confirmation issued by a Korean public health centre.

Action Items

  • Ensure that nationals of the listed countries obtain a tuberculosis test certificate, if required, for consular long-term visa applications and post-arrival extension of stay or change of status applications.

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