SRI LANKA: Residence Visa Validity Increased to Five Years

November 17, 2021

Sri Lanka has officially increased the standard duration of their Employment and Dependent Residence Visas from the current two (2) years to five (5) years. Furthermore, the Sri Lankan officials will also have the authority to allow the extension of a Residence Visa with a duration of more than five (5) years and less than 10 years in certain circumstances.

Although the amended regulations (Section 14 of the Immigrants and Emigrants Act No. 28 of 1940) have been approved, they are yet to be implemented. Further confirmation of the timeline for these changes is anticipated from the Sri Lankan authorities in the upcoming weeks.

Newland Chase Insights

Intended to increase foreign investment into Sri Lanka, the new standard validity will give sponsoring employers and residence visa holders more flexibility to employ long-term foreign talent in the country. Newland Chase looks forward to the upcoming confirmation from the Sri Lankan authorities regarding an implementation timeframe for the change and will provide an update as soon as it is announced.

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