SWEDEN – Immigration Process Changes Announced

May 19, 2023

Sweden’s Migration Agency continued to announce changes to the country’s immigration process, including a proposal to raise the minimum salary threshold, and a phasing out of Sweden’s “Fast Track” certification.

Currently, the minimum monthly salary requirement to be eligible for a work permit is 13,000 kronor (approximately $1,236). Under the proposed change, the threshold will be raised to 26,050 kronor (approximately $2,477) per month. This change would go into place on 1 October. This figure is approximately 80% of the median salary in Sweden. Seasonal agricultural workers will be exempt from the new threshold.

In other changes to the immigration process, the Migration Agency also announced the current “fast track” certification for highly qualified labor will be phased out. As of 1 June 2023, employers will no longer be able to apply for direct Fast Track certifications, though immigration providers may still be able to register companies for the time being.

A new process with “international recruitment units” and “service teams” working directly with employers is planned for the end of 2023.


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