SWEDEN: Insurance Certificates Needed for Work Permit Applications

June 24, 2016

The Swedish Migration board has recently enforced the ruling that employees must offer health, life and occupational injury insurance to all of their employers. This means that all new work permit applications for those working in Sweden need to provide insurance certificates for the last seven years from all employers within this period.

The new ruling has been the result of a decision by the courts in 2015, where the Swedish authorities announced that they must be satisfied that all employees who are seeking work permit extensions were receiving the right pay and insurance cover. Until now the authorities accepted a letter from the employers stating that the employee had the right  insurance  but the Migration Agency now request actual copies of the insurance certificates.

This means the work for employees will be lengthened when applying for work permit extensions as they must now include the following:

  • Name of the insurance provider;
  • Name of the employee; and
  • Date of enrolment in insurance plan.

How will this affect you?

As mentioned above, the recent changes have caused delays for employers as there is now more work involved in the work permit renewal process. This also means that authorities have more to check which can also cause delays. It is important that applicants ensure the right documentation is provided and they adjust timelines to account for the delays that may occur with these new changes.  Employees in Sweden need to ensure that the appropriate insurance certificates are obtained and that they are presented in the application process.

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