SWEDEN: New Passport Requirement

October 13, 2022

The Swedish Migration Agency has announced all first-time applicants for a residence permit, including permits for work, studying or as a dependant of a Swedish resident, will be required to attend the relevant Swedish Consulate or Embassy to provide their original passport as part of the application process. The application will then be finalized following the visit to the Consulate or Embassy.

Applicants for an extension to their Swedish permit, using a new passport in support of the extension application will be required to attend the Swedish Migration Agency offices as part of the extension application process.

Currently, applicants who do not require a visa to enter Sweden are not required to attend a Swedish diplomatic post prior to a decision on their application.

The new requirement will be implemented from 1 November 2022.

Newland Chase Insights

This additional step to the process is expected to create further delays to the processing of applications, as applicants will be required to book appointments at the relevant Swedish Consulate or Embassy.



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