TURKEY / UNITED STATES: Limited Resumption of Visa Processing

November 8, 2017

On 6th November 2017, the United States mission to Turkey announced that it is resuming limited visa services in Turkey, based on assurances from the government of Turkey about the security of local US diplomatic staff.

A reduced number of visa appointments is available at the US Embassy in Ankara or the Consulate General in Istanbul.

Turkey reciprocated by announcing a resumption of limited processing of visa applications for US nationals in the United States.


As reported by Newland Chase, on 8th October 2017, the United States announced the immediate suspension of all non-immigrant visa services at all US diplomatic facilities in Turkey.

Turkey retaliated by suspending all visa services for US citizens at its diplomatic and consular missions in the United States, and at Turkey’s borders, and blocked US nationals from using its e-Visa service.

Our Advice

  • US nationals wishing to obtain visas for Turkey at Turkish consulates in the United States or online via the e-Visa service should check if this is possible via these websites, or consult their Newland Chase immigration specialist for assistance.
  • Turkish nationals with a US visa appointment in Turkey which hasn’t been cancelled can confirm their appointment here.
  • Cancelled US visa appointments in Turkey can now be rescheduled here.
  • Applicants who have booked visa appointments outside of Turkey can instead make a new appointment in Turkey, but will need to pay another visa fee, and will not receive a refund for any cancelled appointment.
  • Turkish nationals with valid US visas may continue to travel to the United States.

For advice and information on immigration to the US or Turkey in general, please email us at [email protected].

This information was provided by our sister company, Peregrine Immigration Management.