UNITED KINGDOM: Legal Migration and Border Control Strategy Statement Published

May 28, 2021

The UK Home Office has released a strategy statement for legal immigration setting out its plans for the coming year and beyond.

The planned measures include:

  • The previously-announced Graduate route (see our separate article) and already-launched Global Talent route;
  • A new, unsponsored points-based route;
  • A new International Sportsperson route with a fully digitised application process for EEA nationals;
  • A fully digitised application process for EEA nationals for all T5 routes, including those for creative workers, religious workers and a wide range of Government Authorised Exchange schemes;
  • A single, sponsored Global Business Mobility route combining intra-company transfer, representative of an overseas business, contractual service supplier and independent professional;
  • Simplification of the Family, Private Life, Settlement and Returning Residents routes;
  • Improvements to the sponsorship process;
  • Preparing for the introduction of the previously announced Electronic Travel Authorisation scheme;
  • Border digitisation, including systems to enable border guards to check whether an individual has applied for, or been granted status under the EU Settlement Scheme;
  • Phasing out physical proof of status for non-EEA residents;
  • ending the use of EEA ID cards to cross the border (only passports will be allowed) and applying tougher UK criminality rules.

Newland Chase will follow closely the implementation of these planned measures.

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