UNITED STATES: End of Golden Arrow Program for Expedited E Visas at US Embassy in Paris

March 21, 2018

Effective 12th March 2018, the United States embassy in Paris, France, has closed its “Golden Arrow” program for expedited E visas for critical employees of registered large multinational corporations. Delays should be anticipated as a result.

Henceforth, all E-1 (Treaty Trader) and E-2 (Treaty Investor) visa applications in Paris must be submitted electronically for review before a visa interview is scheduled. Previously, only smaller companies that do not regularly transfer French employees were subject to this initial review, which usually takes six to eight weeks to complete but may now take longer.

Our Advice

Companies planning to transfer employees from France to the United States with E visas should work with their Newland Chase immigration specialist to assess whether there are other, faster work visa routes.

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