USA: Global Entry Service for British Citizens

November 12, 2015

In October 2015, UK Border Force trialled a new service allowing British Citizens to register to apply for the US Global Entry Service. Global Entry enables passengers to gain quicker entry at US Borders, in selected airports by removing the need to see a Customs Officer, or complete a Paper Customs Declaration form on arrival.

The new US Global Entry Service commenced on the 26th of October with a small batch of (single-use) invitation codes. This will enable the service to be validated, tested and improved. The full service will be available from 3rd December 2015, which means any British Citizen can apply without needing a code.

Key points to note

  • Only British Citizens are eligible (not British Subjects, British Overseas Nationals, etc).
  • There are no age restrictions, although children 18 years or younger are required to have parental or legal guardianship permission.
  • The cost is £42 non-refundable for UK checks and $100 non-refundable for 5 year membership paid to US (CBP) Customs and Border Protection.
  • The UK “Register to Apply” Service takes up to ten working days.
  • The US application process takes about two weeks in total (from completion of application to being advised to arrange an interview with a CBP officer).
  • All applicants undergo rigorous background checks and, if approved, are invited for interview at one of the CBP Global Entry Enrolment Centres.


Should you need any information on the application process on US Global Entry Service, please contact us.