VIETNAM – HCMC Job Approval Requirements Changing

November 4, 2022

Vietnamese authorities are still processing the backlog of applications after Covid restrictions were eased in the country. Processing times of applications have been modified and there have been a few new/additional requests from the authorities to support any new or renewal applications.

Changes in the Job Position Approval Requirements

Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) labor authorities have specifically requested additional supporting evidence for any Job Position Approvals submitted to them. Although the HCMC authorities have not released an official decree in relation to the additional requirements, employers should expect to provide additional material evidencing recruitment efforts, plans for leveraging foreign employees, and training efforts or plans for Vietnamese employees to take over the position of the foreign employee, in addition to providing information on all previously approved Job Position Approvals.

Newland Chase Insights

The update above was sourced from Newland Chase’s observations on current cases. There have been no formal announcements from Vietnamese authorities. Given the additional requirements from the HCMC labor authorities, employers should allocate a longer lead time for sending employees into Vietnam, and HCMC specifically.

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This immigration update is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for legal or scenario-specific advice. Furthermore, it is important to note that immigration announcements are subject to sudden and unexpected changes. Readers are encouraged to reach out to Newland Chase for any case- or company-specific assessments.