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Live Webinar | Asia Reopening: Global Mobility Strategies for Hong Kong and Japan

30 JUN at 9:00 am HKT / 10am JST

With global travel on the rise, would-be travelers are confronted with a host of new regulations and entry requirements. Hong Kong and Japan are two of the top business and immigration destinations in Asia, but do you know what requirements each one has for entry post-pandemic? Join us as we review an immigration process overview for both locations, recent developments and changes, COVID-19 restrictions, potential red flags, and future and past trends. Our immigration experts will also look at destination-specific requirements, including Hong Kong visas and eligibility criteria and the ERFS system/fast track in Japan.

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On-Demand Webinar | Global Town Hall: Mid-2022 Immigration Insiders Report

23 June 2022

As we reach the mid-point of 2022, global mobility managers are faced with a complex immigration landscape. Join Jason Rogers, Newland Chase VP, Sr. Global Immigration Counsel, and Courtney Noce, Greenberg Traurig Shareholder, as they look ahead to global immigration trends for the remainder of 2022. Among the topics they will discuss are complications and restrictions on immigration, traveler information collected by governments and associated privacy concerns, the need for effective compliance programs, why a strategic approach is needed in the global hunt for talent, and remote working and the rise of the digital nomad.

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On-Demand Webinar | Office Not Required: Immigration and Tax Impacts of Remote Work Policies

4 MAY 2022

As companies try to support employee desires for more workplace flexibility, they are also struggling with a host of new compliance issues. From taxation, to work authorizations, to immigration compliance, new work situations are forcing organizations to change how they maintain records and comply with laws and regulations. During this webinar you’ll learn about identifying tax and immigration compliance risks when employees work outside of their home location, which work authorizations are appropriate for remote employees, and understanding the differences between international remote workers and “digital nomads.”

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On-Demand Webinar | Case Study: The Evolution of Travel and Mobility Programs and the Databricks Journey

3 MAY 2022

Join us for a discussion with Databricks’ Senior Global Mobility Manager, Andra Herman, to hear how their travel and mobility program has evolved and how they are leveraging technology to more effectively manage their global business traveler population. Andra will share Databricks’ travel and mobility program transformation including shifting from “standard” transactional support to more personalized and strategic support, examining the changes that drove the evolution of their program e.g. what problems were they trying to solve and how did they position their challenges internally, deploying technology to drive positive program performance, and forecasting travel and mobility capabilities for the future. In addition to these important reflections, this discussion will also include an overview and analysis of the current mobility climate and the premier travel management and global mobility portal, ImmiSMART.

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On-Demand Webinar | Asia Reopening: Current India and Vietnam Travel and Immigration Strategies

28 April 2022

As the world reopens, many countries have adopted new rules and regulations governing travel for business and work assignments. India and Vietnam are two of the top countries for doing business in Asia, but are you and your program prepared for today’s transformed travel and immigration landscape? During this webinar you’ll learn about the main work-related visas required for India and Vietnam, employer and applicant qualifying criteria and potential red flags, changes to border entry and travel restrictions since COVID-19 rules were lifted and what to expect while traveling to India and Vietnam in the coming months

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On-Demand Webinar | Reopening Australia: Navigating Immigration in a Post-COVID World (12 April)

12 APR 2022

For the first time in two years, Australia is reopening to immigration. But both applicants and employers are facing a host of new regulations in the wake of the COVID pandemic. The federal government is providing incentives to make Australia a more attractive immigration destination, while also offering current visa holders new pathways to permanent residency. But many would-be applicants and sponsors are unfamiliar with the changes, meaning immigration opportunities could be missed. Join our panel to learn about the exciting new immigration opportunities available, and the changes to Australia’s current immigration system.

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On-Demand Webinar | The 2022 UK Immigration Overhaul: Radical Change or Rebrand? (25 March)

25 March 2022

As UK employers know only too well, immigration does not stand still, and keeping up can be a challenge. The Home Office published sweeping changes to business and top talent routes on 15 March and with another systematic period of change commencing in April, organizations are rightly asking what they should expect, and how they can be ready to adapt to the changing landscape. Newland Chase will introduce you to the changes, discuss their impact on hiring and mobility programs, and explore the opportunities they give businesses to benefit. Our immigration experts will walk you through the launch of the Global Business Mobility route, and how it differs from existing immigration routes into the UK; the new High Potential Individual route and what changes it will bring; the ‘elite’ Scale-Up scheme; and lesser-publicized amendments and the scope of their impact.

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On-Demand Webinar | Ukraine and Russia: Mobility and Immigration Impacts (11 March)

11 March 2022

This 30-minute live webinar will provide updates on immigration options for Ukrainian nationals and third-country nationals exiting Ukraine, a spotlight on the UK (immigration options for Ukrainian nationals outside of the UK), restrictions on Russian/Belarussian nationals and impact on businesses with operations in Ukraine.

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On-Demand Webinar | Ukraine and Russia: Mobility and Immigration Impacts (4 March)

4 March 2022

As the military situation in Ukraine escalates, so too does the emerging immigration crisis for individuals fleeing the country and employers working to ensure the safety of employees and their families. This 30-minute live webinar covers immigration situation for Ukrainian nationals, immigration situation for third-country nationals legally resident in Ukraine trying to flee, impact on Russian nationals and impact on businesses with operations in Ukraine including remote work hubs.

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On-Demand Education Session: GBTA Berlin Think Tank and Big Idea – Business Travel 2022

2 March 2022

Throughout GBTA Berlin delegates collaborated and shared best practices and brainstormed solutions through 'The Big Idea' and the Think Tank sessions.

This recording is from the recent GBTA Berlin in partnership with VDR event that took place 2-3 March, 2022.

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