WEBINARS – Upcoming in November

November 2, 2023

CIBT/Newland Chase have three webinars scheduled for November on a range of topics from Saudi Arabia to students studying abroad. Look for these webinars in this month:

Navigating Complexities in Saudi Arabia’s Immigration Landscape, 21 November, 5am EST
Join our immigration and mobility experts as they take a close look at the complexities of the visa and immigration processes for Saudi Arabia, and explain strategies for traveling to this rising international destination. Register here.

The Visa Processing Conundrum, 21 November, 11am EST
Our Ray Rackham, Senior Vice President for Thought Leadership, Advocacy and Public Policy, joins the BTN Group for this “In the Know” webinar on the current state of visa processing around the world. Ray will discuss the reasons behind processing delays, and how travel managers can proactively manage their mobility programs. Register here.

Managing Outbound UK Travel post-Brexit for Students & Faculty, 30 November, 10am EST
The global context in which Higher Education mobility teams are operating is very different now compared to what it was several years ago. In response to addressing such challenges, Newland Chase has designed a set of comprehensive service offerings specifically with the needs of students and Higher Education institutions in mind. Register here.