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July 18, 2024

EUROPEAN UNION – Reminder of Upcoming Entry-Exit System (EES)

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July 16, 2024

CANADA – CUFTA International Mobility Program Work Permits

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July 16, 2024

COLOMBIA – Holders of Permanent Resident (R) Visas Issued Before October 2022 Must Transfer by October 21, 2024

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July 10

On-Demand Webinar | CIBT Assure: Learn more about A1 Compliance and our new technology solution

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July 9

On-Demand Webinar | UK Election: Immigration Program Readiness for a New Parliament

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June 26

On-Demand Webinar | Embracing the Nomad Visa Wave | APAC

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April 10

On-Demand Webinar | China Expands Visa Exemptions – What You Should Know to Travel Safely

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Brexit and Immigration:
What You Need To Know

With the complex, fast-changing nature of Brexit, and the potential impact on our clients – Newland Chase has formed a dedicated Brexit Team to address our clients’ concerns and support them throughout this turbulent time.

EU Citizens in the UK

From 1 January 2021, organisations must be a Home Office licensed sponsor to recruit anyone from outside the UK (including EU citizens). Schedule a consultation now.

EU citizens arriving in the UK before 31 December 2020 had until 30 June 2021 to register, through the EU Settlement Scheme.

UK Nationals in the EU

The rights of UK nationals resident in the EU before the end of the transition period, and of their family members, are similarly protected, though registration schemes vary between member states.

We welcome you to contact our experts today to learn how having Newland Chase as your trusted business advisor can help your business succeed post-Brexit.

Visit Our Dedicated Brexit Resource