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Resuming Business Travel to China: Challenges & Best Practices | Webinar Q&A Report

July 9, 2021

Following our recent webinar, Resuming Business Travel to China: German Challenges and Best Practices, Newland Chase experts answer the most pressing questions on the challenges and solutions of German business travel to China.

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COVID-19 and Mobility Webinar Q&A Report | China Travel and Immigration Strategies

December 10, 2020

Following our recent webinar, COVID-19 and Mobility: China Travel and Immigration Strategies, Newland Chase experts answer the most pressing questions on China business travel and immigration in the COVID-19 era.

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China Reopens Borders Webinar Q&A | Return to China with Our Guided-Entry Visa Solution

September 29, 2020

Following our recent webinar, China Reopens Borders: Return to China with Our Guided-Entry Visa Solution, Newland Chase experts answer the most pressing questions on China immigration.

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CHINA: Certain Nationals Holding Valid Residence Permits May be Able to Obtain a Visa Without a Letter of Invitation

August 11, 2020

The Chinese authorities have confirmed that holders of valid residence permits, including for work or family reunion, who are nationals of certain countries, are now able to apply for a visa at a Chinese embassy or consulate in these countries without a letter of invitation (LOI or “PU Letter”).

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China Opens Borders: Challenges and Solutions for Returning Travelers to China

August 4, 2020

Learn the China Essential Traveler criteria and application process to return mission-critical business travelers to China as borders slowly reopen.

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China Opens Its Borders to Essential Workers

June 26, 2020

China has begun to open its doors to business travelers and is permitting the entry of essential foreign workers performing necessary and urgent economic, trade, scientific or technological activities.

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CHINA: COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Employer Sponsor FAQ

April 23, 2020

China has taken several measures to limit the spread of COVID-19; since late March 2020 these have focussed on limiting the re-introduction of the virus to the People’s Republic of China via incoming travellers.  The NIA (National Immigration Administration) has imposed a series of measures to limit the entry of foreigners from abroad.

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White Paper | China: Status of Immigration During the Coronavirus Outbreak

February 8, 2020

As the outbreak of the coronavirus is significantly affecting individuals, businesses, travel, supply chains, and financial markets, our team in China has outlined the details on the outbreak’s impact on visas and immigration for business to and from China.

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CHINA: Expedited Permit Processing for Highly-Skilled Foreign Nationals in Shanghai

January 13, 2020

Certain Category A (highly-skilled) applicants seeking permission to work in Shanghai can now apply for their work and residence permits simultaneously under a new "single window" procedure.

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CHINA: Broader Visa Policies to Attract Foreign Talent

July 30, 2019

The National Immigration Administration in China has implemented new immigration and entry-exit policies, effective nationwide from 1 August 2019.

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