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INDONESIA – Implementation of New Bridging Visa

June 6, 2024

Immigration authorities in Indonesia announced the introduction of a new Transitional Stay Permit, also known as a Bridging Visa.

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COMPLIANCE CORNER – Increased Inspections in Indonesia

May 20, 2024

There has been an increase in onsite immigration inspections in Indonesia. Foreign nationals have faced questioning over addresses provided.

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INDONESIA – Introduction of Remote Worker Visa 

April 17, 2024

Indonesia has introduced a Remote Worker Visa, allowing foreign nationals to live and work remotely in Indonesia for up to one year.

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INDONESIA – New Visa Sub-Types Introduced

January 19, 2024

Indonesia has introduced new visa sub-types for exemption visas, single entry visas, multiple entry visas, and limited stay visas.

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INDONESIA – Repealed COVID-19 Requirements and Onshore e-Visa Activation

July 6, 2023

Indonesian authorities are removing additional requirements introduced during the pandemic and the onshore issuance for e-visas.

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INDONESIA: Annual Manpower Reporting

November 28, 2022

Indonesian companies with foreign employees must submit an Annual Manpower Report to the Ministry of Manpower by 10 January 2023.

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INDONESIA – ASTAKA Required for Short Term Work Permit

November 10, 2022

The MOM in Indonesia is requiring employers to maintain ASTAKA insurance for foreign national employees on short-term work assignments of six months of less.

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INDONESIA: Issuance of Special Recommendation Discontinued

October 11, 2022

Indonesia’s Investment Authority (BKPM) has announced the removal of the special recommendation application from the relevant government agencies prior to lodging a work permit in the country and this takes effect from 8 October 2022. What has changed? Due to the pandemic, the Indonesian government has introduced additional requirements to be met for bringing in […]

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INDONESIA: New Regulation on Job Titles for Foreign Workers

September 27, 2019

Effective immediately, the Ministry of Manpower has issued a regulation specifying more than 2200 permitted job titles in 18 sectors for foreign workers in Indonesia (Decree No. 228 of 2019).

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INDONESIA: Amendments to Regulations for Work Permit Exemption for Foreign National Shareholders in Indonesian Companies

August 21, 2019

Foreign national shareholders in Indonesian companies who also work as Directors or Commissioners for the same company qualify for an exemption.

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