EU: Round Up of Immigration News in 2015

January 7, 2016

In this feature we provide a summary of the key immigration changes across Europe in the last 12 months, including the reintroduction of border controls in the Schengen area, and the new Registration Act in Germany:

New Ruling for EU Migrants and Certain Social Benefits: Court of Justice to decide whether a Member State can deny certain social benefits to an EU Migrant job-seeker who had worked there for less than a year, but had subsequently become unemployed and looking for a job:


The Reintroduction of Border Controls in The Schengen Area: Many EU states to re-introduce border controls to curb the influx of migrants to European states:


DENMARK – Stricter Immigration Rules Proposed: The Danish government are proposing tougher immigration rules for the forthcoming parliamentary season, with 17 law changes set to affect foreigners residing in Denmark:


GERMANY – New Registration Act: The implementation of the Federal Citizen”s Registration Act on the 1st November 2015, means that all citizens of Germany, including foreign nationals, are now subject to a uniform registration act:


ITALY – Changes to Integration Agreement Rules: The Ministry of Internal Affairs in Italy have announced changes to their “Integration Agreement”:


HUNGARY – Quota Introduced for Non-EEA National Workers: Hungary have declared to take action to limit immigration, having sought a Government decree in July 2015, to limit numbers of non EU Workers to levels below the monthly job openings:


SLOVENIA – EU Single Permit Instigated: Slovenia adapts the European directive aiming to increase cohesion of member state policy on non-EU national immigration statuses:


SPAIN – New Dependency Status Regulations: From 9th December 2015, the definition of who may be considered a dependent in Spain will change:


SWITZERLAND – EU Immigration Beneficial to Economy: A study conducted by the Swiss Cities Association confirmed that immigration from the European Union has benefited the Swiss economy:


SWITZERLAND: Quotas for Work Permits in 2016: The Swiss government announced their 2016 immigration quotas, for highly qualified workers from non-European Union countries, as well as for assignees from EU/EFTA states:


SWITZERLAND – Election Won by Anti-Immigration Party: The Swiss People”s Party (SVP), an anti-immigration party in Switzerland, won the largest share of votes during the national parliamentary election:


We hope you’ve found this round up of EU changes in 2015 interesting. Should you have any questions, or you would like information on upcoming changes in 2016, please contact us.