Global Immigration Weekly Roundup – 20 May 2019

May 20, 2019

The latest vital global immigration news and updates in your weekly update from Newland Chase.

SAUDI ARABIA: New Residence Scheme Approved

The Saudi government has approved a new special residence scheme, similar to the green card systems used elsewhere, which aims to attract affluent and highly-skilled foreign nationals, and which will be implemented within the next five years.

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Meet Jane Pilkington, Managing Director, Ireland

In advance of our live webinar, Doing Business in Ireland: Immigration and Tax Issues for Foreign Business Travellers and Corporate Assignees on 22 May, we catch up with Managing Director for Ireland, Jane Pilkington. 

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NEW ZEALAND: Updates to Skill Shortage Lists

Effective 27 May 2019, Immigration New Zealand will make minor changes to the Long Term Skill Shortage List (LTSSL) and the Construction and Infrastructure Skill Shortage List (CISSL).

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SWITZERLAND: End of Work Permit Quotas for Bulgarian and Romanian Nationals

Effective 1 June 2019, the safeguard clause imposing quotas on residence permits for nationals of Bulgaria and Romania (EU2) will no longer apply.

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PANAMA: Changes to Friendly Nations Work Permit

Effective 24 April 2019, the Ministry of Labour has introduced some changes to the work permit for nationals of so-called ‘friendly nations’ (paises amigos).

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