Mexico: COVID-19 Migratory Impacts on Global Mobility FAQ

June 2, 2020

There are no restrictions on the entrance into the national territory of any nationality. However, the US and Mexico have agreed to extend restrictions on non-essential travel by land across their shared border until 22 June. Cross-border trade and regular commuters will not be blocked.

On 1 June, visa services at certain Mexican consulates have recommenced, depending on local conditions.

Currently, the National Institute of Migration (INM) is operating, but only a limited number of tickets are issued each day for application submission and other procedures.

Until further notice, expiry dates of temporary and permanent residence cards, and deadlines for certain immigration procedures, are suspended.  These procedures include change of status applications, in-country temporary residence card applications (“canje” process), and notifications of change of employer, address, marital status, name, or nationality.

In practice, the INM is accepting applications for residence renewal with an upcoming expiry date (within the next 1-5 business days).


INM Services

Q: Is the INM currently open?

Yes, all Representative Offices are operating during their regular working hours (9:00 am to 1:00 pm); however, they are issuing tickets to restrict the number of applications that are submitted daily.

As a COVID-19 preventative measure, staff over 60 years of age and women with minor children are not permitted to go to work.  This has led to delays in application processing and the prioritization of renewal applications where the expiration date is approaching.

Q: Can foreigners attend the fingerprinting appointment?

Yes, currently, foreigners can attend their fingerprinting appointment; however, in some Representative Offices, officials are requesting that only people over 18 and under 60 years of age attend.

Q:Are Residence Cards being delivered? 

Yes, the INM is currently issuing Residence Cards. However, this process can take up to 10 business days.


Deadlines and Terms

Q: Are expiry dates and deadlines suspended for all immigration processes?

No, they are only suspended for temporary and permanent resident processes, including residence renewal, change of status, in-country temporary residence card applications (“canje” process), and notifications of change of employer, address, marital status, name, or nationality.

Q: Does this mean that I cannot submit residence renewal applications?

In practice, the immigration authorities are accepting residence renewal applications with an upcoming expiration date (within the next 1 to 5 business days).

Q: What about the exit and re-entry permits that expire while the holder is abroad?

The 60-day period within which holders of exit and re-entry permits must return to Mexico is also suspended until further notice.

We recommend that when a holder of an exit and re-entry permit returns to Mexico, they should bring a document that proves that they were not able to leave their country of destination within the 60-day period. This document may be an official statement from the government or the airline.

Q: What about business visitors whose legal stay in Mexico expires but who cannot leave country?

Foreign nationals who enter Mexico as business visitors, but cannot leave before the end of their legal stay, can apply for a new regularisation process (“Regularización Migratoria por Razones Humanitarias bajo el supuesto COVID 19“).

Requirements, timeframes and terms may vary from case to case, depending on the office of application in Mexico.


Corporate Procedures

Q: Can I currently submit visa authorizations for a job offer?

Yes, however, it will depend on the Representative Office in which the procedure is carried out, since there are some offices that are not currently accepting this type of procedure.

Q: Should I update my Employer Enrollment Proof?

Yes, the deadlines for corporate procedures have not been suspended, so the Employer Enrollment Proof must be updated once the Company has made its Annual Tax Return.

Q: Are the immigration authorities conducting verification visits?

So far, we have not heard about a verification visit; however, the staff in this area are performing their duties, so it is important to be ready for these types of visits.


Important Notice

The situation in which we find ourselves with respect to COVID-19 is unprecedented, and evolving daily. We appreciate your patience and continued support as we work to obtain and distribute the most updated information.  Should you require additional information, please contact your Account Manager.

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This white paper was prepared by Maria del Carmen Guevara, Newland Chase Mexico Managing Director.

This publication is not intended as a substitute for legal advice. Readers are reminded that immigration laws are subject to change. We are not responsible for any loss arising from reliance on this publication. Please contact Newland Chase should you require any additional clarification or case-specific advice.

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