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CANADA: Government Lifts Visa Requirement for Certain Nationals

April 24, 2017

From 1st May 2017, nationals of Brazil, Bulgaria and Romania will be able to enter Canada with an Electronic Travel Authorisation (eTA) rather than a visa, if: They have held a Canadian visa at any time in the ten years preceding their travel, or They have held a US non-immigrant visa at any time. From […]

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CANADA: Changes to Express Entry System & Foreign Worker Restrictions

April 20, 2017

Changes to the Express Entry System Canadian Immigration is making heavy use of the Express Entry system in 2017.  There have been 10 draws since January and each draw has resulted in at least 3,500 invitations being issued.  The scores of the lowest ranked invited candidates have been dropping steadily as well.  The most recent […]

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CANADA: Four-Year Rule for Foreign Workers Cancelled

December 20, 2016

The Canadian government has cancelled a regulation that restricted most temporary foreign workers from staying in Canada for more than four years. Background In April 2011, the previous Conservative government implemented a regulation that required many foreign workers to leave…

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CANADA: eTA Available to Mexican Citizens

December 14, 2016

On 1st December 2016, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) lifted the visa requirement for Mexican citizens. Mexican citizens flying to or transiting through Canada will now require an electronic travel authorization (eTA), which they can apply for online. Mexican citizens…

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CANADA: Government Announces Global Skills Strategy

December 1, 2016

Immigration Minister John McCallum confirmed that government will introduce new work permit programs aimed at supporting high growth companies in attracting highly skilled talent from around the world. The Global Skills Strategy has three components: A two-week processing standard for…

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CANADA: Changes made to Express Entry Immigration Program

November 17, 2016

The Government of Canada is making changes to the Express Entry immigration program that are designed to level the playing field between various types of work permit holders who apply for permanent residence. The new rules comes into effect on…

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CANADA: EU Trade Agreement Signed and New Visa Free Citizens Announced

November 3, 2016

Our latest Canadian update includes the historic trade agreement between Canada and Europe and the proposal for visa-free entry into Canada for Brazil, Bulgaria and Romania. Canada and Europe Sign Historic Trade Agreement After many years of negotiation and some…

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CANADA: Support Grows For Increased Immigration Levels

October 26, 2016

Canada"s Immigration Minister is expected to announce a new multi-year immigration plan in early November. Canada welcomed 320,932 immigrants in the past year and Minister John McCallum has signaled his intention to increase overall levels of immigration in the next four…

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CANADA: Cracks Appear in Support for Immigration

September 15, 2016

Canada is internationally renowned for welcoming tens of thousands of new immigrants every year. It"s expected that 300,000 new immigrants will arrive in Canada in 2016, a number that includes 25,000 Syrian refugees whose admission to Canada was fast-tracked by…

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CANADA: Leniency Period for eTA Extended

September 8, 2016

Canada"s newly created Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) program was to have been mandatory as of 15th March 2016. However, the Government of Canada decided to create a leniency period after numerous complaints were received from the travel and tourism industry. Industry…

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