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PERU – Suspension of Visa Exemption for Mexican Ordinary Passport Holders

April 11, 2024

Peru is suspending visa the exemption for Mexican ordinary passport holders for tourist and business visits.

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CHINA – New Visa-Waiver Scheme

March 7, 2024

China is granting a visa-waiver to citizens of six countries, allowing them to visit China for periods up to 15 days for business, tourism, family visit, and transit purposes.

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6 Common Misconceptions about Short Term Travel in Europe

February 6, 2024

Free movement and open borders are concepts that are often misunderstood. Here we clear up the confusion around six common misconceptions.

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Navigating New Horizons in Global Immigration: Emerging Trends 2024

January 30, 2024

2024 stands as a pivotal moment for transformation and technological advancements in the global mobility and immigration landscape.

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Gen Z’s Expectations Around Workplace Wellbeing

December 8, 2023

Gen Z is the most diverse generation in history. As industry looks to onboard, manage, and integrate these new professionals, it’s essential to understand their unique expectations regarding workplace wellbeing.

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COMPLIANCE CORNER – Travel to Host Country During Work Permit Processing

September 22, 2023

Traveling to a future host country while a work permit application is in process can be a problematic situation. In this Compliance Corner, we take a look at the options.

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NC INSIGHT – 10 Ways to Keep Global Employees Safe Amidst Political Unrest

August 25, 2023

Political unrest can present a serious risk to travelers abroad. In this Insight post we look at ways companies can reduce the risk to employees abroad.

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VIETNAM – Changes To E-Visa Process

August 25, 2023

Vietnam is now offering evisas on arrival for foreign travelers at more than 50 entry points. The program went into effect on 15 August.

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VIETNAM – E-Visas and Visa Exemption Changes

July 7, 2023

Vietnam has made several changes to the country’s immigration laws affecting visas, e-visas, and entry requirements. The changes will go into effect on 15 August 2023.

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CHINA – Current Entry Conditions

February 24, 2023

China has been in the process of reopening to foreign visitors in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. China lifted its quarantine-upon-arrival requirement and has begun issuing certain types of visas to foreign visitors.

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