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UNITED KINGDOM: Submitting Tier 2 and Tier 4 Visa Applications In India

September 14, 2017

UK Visas and Immigration have announced some changes to the way visa applications are made under Tier 2 and Tier 4 of the points-based system from within India. From 7th August 2017, all Tier 2 and Tier 4 applicants, including dependents, making a visa application in the country will be required to submit all original […]

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INDIA: Chennai Authorities Require Foreign Nationals to Be Registered Within 24 Hours of Arrival, and also on Departure

September 12, 2017

The Foreigners’ Regional Registration Office (FRRO) in Chennai, India now requires landlords and managers of apartments, hotels and other accommodation to complete the online Form C notification procedure within 24 hours of a foreign national’s arrival in Chennai, rather than within 14 days as at other FRROs around India. Chennai FRRO is also the first and (so far) […]

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INDIA: Mandatory Biometric Enrolment for All India Visa Applicants in South Africa

July 26, 2017

The High Commission of India in Pretoria, South Africa, has announced that applicants for all India visa categories (including employment, tourist and business visas) are required to register their biometric data, comprising fingerprints and facial image scan, effective 17th July 2017. A similar measure was imposed last August for certain visa applicants at the Indian Visa Application Centres in […]

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INDIA: Conversion of Person of Indian Origin (PIO) to Overseas Citizens of India (OCI) Extended

July 13, 2017

The Indian government has once again extended the 30th June 2017 deadline for conversion of Person of Indian Origin (PIO) cards to Overseas Citizens of India (OCI) cards, this time until 31st December 2017. Background An ordinance of 6th January 2015, amending the Indian Citizenship Act, unified the two schemes and, on 9th January 2015, […]

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INDIA: Foreign Nationals Exempted from Aadhaar Card requirement

May 17, 2017

On 11th May 2017, the Indian Ministry of Finance issued a notification exempting certain taxpayers, including foreign nationals, from the requirement to obtain an Aadhaar card. As we reported in our previous article on 2nd May, Aadhaar is a 12-digit unique identification number issued on a card by the Indian government to every individual resident of […]

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INDIA: Biometrics Scanning Required at Certain Foreigner Regional Registration Offices

May 3, 2017

With immediate effect, Indian authorities have introduced a biometric requirement for foreign nationals applying for visa extensions and registration at the Foreigners Registration Office (FRO) in Pune and at the Foreigners Regional Registration Offices (FRRO) in Mumbai and Bangalore. Foreign nationals submitting registration or visa extension applications at these registration offices will be required to submit […]

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INDIA: Aadhaar Card Required for Certain Foreign Residents

May 2, 2017

Effective 1st July 2017, foreign national residents who have stayed in India for more than 182 days in the previous 12 months and are therefore required to pay income tax in India, must obtain an Aadhaar ID card in order to submit their income tax return (ITR). An ITR acknowledgement form is required in support […]

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UAE: Visa on Arrival Introduced for Indian Nationals

April 20, 2017

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) Federal Cabinet has announced that Indian nationals are now eligible for the UAE’s visa on arrival scheme, provided that they have at least six months’ validity remaining on their passport and hold either a valid US visa or US Permanent Residence (Green Card). Indian nationals who meet these requirements do […]

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PERU: Visa Waiver Introduced for Certain Indian Nationals

April 13, 2017

A new Decree (Supreme Decree N° 006-2017-RE), which came into effect on 26th March, waives the visa requirement for qualifying Indian nationals visiting Peru for business and tourism purposes. Indian nationals will now be permitted to make multiple visits into Peru visa-free for one or more stays totalling up to 180 days per year, provided […]

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INDIA: Changes to Visa and e-Visa Framework

April 7, 2017

The Indian government has expanded its e-Visa scheme, extended five-year tourist and business visas to more nationals and introduced two new visa categories, among other changes aimed at promoting tourism, business and investment. Expanded e-Visa Effective 1st April 2017, the e-Visa (formerly called the e-Tourist Visa or e-TV) has been sub-divided into three categories: e-Tourist […]

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