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On-Demand Webinar | Remote Work in APAC: How Feasible is it for Your Employees?

6 October 2022

As a result of the pandemic, many employees showed that their productivity remained the same while they worked from home. Some companies are now looking to incorporate a “work-from-anywhere” policy to retain and attract talent. Understanding the legal requirements before implementing such policies will be crucial for companies to ensure they avoid potential compliance issues in jurisdictions where work-from-anywhere employees are based. This live webinar explores the feasibility of work-from-anywhere policies in the APAC region, focusing on countries including Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, and Sri Lanka. The panelists will focus on key points to consider before implementing a work-from-anywhere policy in APAC, countries that have introduced Digital Nomad Visas and existing visa options that may apply to remote workers in the absence of Digital Nomad Visas.

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On-Demand Webinar | Remote Work in Europe: Legislation Updates and Current Trends

21 SEPT 2022

Companies attempting to meet employee requests for expanded workplace flexibility are also facing a host of new compliance issues, particularly with digital nomads. For companies looking to offer “work from anywhere” as an option to their employees, understanding the legal and regulatory landscape is a must. This webinar will focus on the ability of non-EU nationals to work remotely from European countries, such as Switzerland, Ireland, Spain, France, the Netherlands and Germany, including companies not located in these specific countries. Our immigration experts will also discuss the ability to work remotely (i.e. from home) within the host country.

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On-Demand Webinar | Asia Reopening: Current China Travel and Immigration Strategies

25 AUG 2022

China’s “zero COVID” policies have brought enormous changes to international travel to the country. While China has begun to reopen to international visitors, policies are subject to frequent changes, with some classes of travelers still barred from entering the country. Those who do travel to China are subject to stringent COVID testing and quarantine requirements. At the same time, given China’s huge role in international commerce, there is a great desire to travel to the country. Join our panel of experts, Helena Li, Edward Hu, Jane Li, and Paula Xu, as they discuss the current entry requirements for China, ongoing COVID policies and restrictions, what future developments are expected, and how CIBTvisas and Newland Chase can help you with your travel to China.

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On-Demand Webinar | Immigration 101: What You Need to Know for a Successful Global Mobility Program

13 July 2022

Traveling or relocating employees internationally can seem like a daunting prospect for a company. While there can be many steps involved in international mobility, having a strategy and the right information can make the process simple. Join Dan Morris, Director & Counsel at Newland Chase for a session on getting started in global travel. Dan will help demystify global mobility with a primer covering topics including: cross-border immigration, visa-free entry, visa-on-arrival, eVisa vs. Business visa, and dealing with countries that have vague entry requirements for business travelers (e.g. Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Argentina).

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On-Demand Webinar | The J-1 Visa Exchange Programs: Providing Opportunities for Your Foreign National Employees to Come to the US

12 July 2022

The Exchange Visitor Program provides foreign nationals the opportunity to come to the U.S. to teach, study, conduct research, demonstrate special skills, or receive on-the-job training for periods ranging from a few weeks to several years. For employers, the J-1 provides access to global talent, and the chance to share knowledge and build cross-border relationships. Join Carol Myint, Newland Chase Client Services Manager, and Mario Janssen, Alternate Responsible Officer at J-1 Visa Exchanges (J1X), as they discuss the J-1Exchange Visitor Program. During this webinar, you will learn about the eligibility requirements for trainees and interns, what types of companies and industries are eligible to participate, provisions for dependents, repeat participation, and multiple sites of activity, and key documents required by the J-1 Visa Program.

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On-Demand Webinar | Asia Reopening: Global Mobility Strategies for Hong Kong and Japan

30 JUN 2022

With global travel on the rise, would-be travelers are confronted with a host of new regulations and entry requirements. Hong Kong and Japan are two of the top business and immigration destinations in Asia, but do you know what requirements each one has for entry post-pandemic? Join us as we review an immigration process overview for both locations, recent developments and changes, COVID-19 restrictions, potential red flags, and future and past trends. Our immigration experts will also look at destination-specific requirements, including Hong Kong visas and eligibility criteria and the ERFS system/fast track in Japan.

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On-Demand Webinar | Global Town Hall: Mid-2022 Immigration Insiders Report

23 June 2022

As we reach the mid-point of 2022, global mobility managers are faced with a complex immigration landscape. Join Jason Rogers, Newland Chase VP, Sr. Global Immigration Counsel, and Courtney Noce, Greenberg Traurig Shareholder, as they look ahead to global immigration trends for the remainder of 2022. Among the topics they will discuss are complications and restrictions on immigration, traveler information collected by governments and associated privacy concerns, the need for effective compliance programs, why a strategic approach is needed in the global hunt for talent, and remote working and the rise of the digital nomad.

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On-Demand Webinar | Office Not Required: Immigration and Tax Impacts of Remote Work Policies

4 MAY 2022

As companies try to support employee desires for more workplace flexibility, they are also struggling with a host of new compliance issues. From taxation, to work authorizations, to immigration compliance, new work situations are forcing organizations to change how they maintain records and comply with laws and regulations. During this webinar you’ll learn about identifying tax and immigration compliance risks when employees work outside of their home location, which work authorizations are appropriate for remote employees, and understanding the differences between international remote workers and “digital nomads.”

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On-Demand Webinar | Case Study: The Evolution of Travel and Mobility Programs and the Databricks Journey

3 MAY 2022

Join us for a discussion with Databricks’ Senior Global Mobility Manager, Andra Herman, to hear how their travel and mobility program has evolved and how they are leveraging technology to more effectively manage their global business traveler population. Andra will share Databricks’ travel and mobility program transformation including shifting from “standard” transactional support to more personalized and strategic support, examining the changes that drove the evolution of their program e.g. what problems were they trying to solve and how did they position their challenges internally, deploying technology to drive positive program performance, and forecasting travel and mobility capabilities for the future. In addition to these important reflections, this discussion will also include an overview and analysis of the current mobility climate and the premier travel management and global mobility portal, ImmiSMART.

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On-Demand Webinar | Asia Reopening: Current India and Vietnam Travel and Immigration Strategies

28 April 2022

As the world reopens, many countries have adopted new rules and regulations governing travel for business and work assignments. India and Vietnam are two of the top countries for doing business in Asia, but are you and your program prepared for today’s transformed travel and immigration landscape? During this webinar you’ll learn about the main work-related visas required for India and Vietnam, employer and applicant qualifying criteria and potential red flags, changes to border entry and travel restrictions since COVID-19 rules were lifted and what to expect while traveling to India and Vietnam in the coming months

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