CBoC Canadian Immigration Summit 2018: Strengthening Our Economy & Settlement Program

March 10, 2009

The Canadian Immigration Summit is where stakeholders from across the country convene to discuss innovative, practical, and actionable solutions to strengthen Canada’s immigration system.

The Summit offers opportunities to network with hundreds of leading representatives from government, business, immigration law and consulting, education, non-profits, and immigrant-serving organizations.

How can Canada better harness the skills of its newcomers to enhance immigration’s economic benefits? The 2018 Summit will focus on two major, related themes:

  • Growing Canada’s economy
  • Strengthening Canada’s settlement program

By attending the summit, you will have the chance to learn from leading international and Canadian experts about domestic and global immigration issues, best practices, and innovative solutions; gain unique insights from the latest immigration research and programs; and access new tools and techniques that will allow you to help empower immigrants and better leverage their skills, talents, and connections.

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