Live Webinar | Responding to Rejection: The Ongoing Shortage in the UK’s Tier 2

March 23, 2007

Since December 2017, employers of foreign nationals in the UK have struggled with the vicious cycle of shortages, delays, rejections, and increased demands of applications for restricted Certificates of Sponsorship (CoS).

For the first time since the introduction of the Tier 2 visa scheme, the demand for restricted CoS has continually outstripped the supply. Employers in all industry sectors are repeatedly seeing their requests for Tier 2 visas rejected… resulting in a huge deficit in their needed foreign workforce.

With government figures now indicating that this will continue to be a plaguing problem for years to come… what action can companies take now to overcome the challenges of recruiting skilled foreign workers?

Join us for this timely and vital webinar for UK companies coping with this challenging environment.

You’ll learn:

  • What has happened to Tier 2 since December 2017
  • What the current figures indicate about the future
  • How employers can best respond to rejections
  • What alternatives are available to overcome the visa shortage
  • How you can retain your overseas talent and avoid re-recruiting altogether

Join Newland Chase’s Rowen Edy, UK Immigration Manager, and David Carritt, UK Immigration Consultant, on 27 June to gain valuable understanding, insight, and practical strategies for coping with this complex and challenging aspect of UK immigration law.

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